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Team Members

A diverse team of transportation experts, safety advocates, and state agency representatives are collaborating on the Share MI Roads campaign with a goal of improving safety between bicyclists, pedestrians, and drivers using Michigan roads.  If you are interested in joining the team, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Ann Segal

Tri-County Bicycle Association

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Bio coming soon

Barbara Schmid

Board Member, League of Michigan Bicyclists

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Bio coming soon

Bob Werner

 Dickinson County Bike Path

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Bio coming soon

Brian Pawlik

Planner, Bicycle and Pedestrian Travel, Geographic Information Systems, SEMCOG


Mr. Pawlik is a planner in Plan Implementation Group at SEMCOG, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments. He primarily focuses on pedestrian and bicycle travel and SEMCOG’s Road Corridor Assessment Services including Walkability/Bikeability Assessments, Road Safety Audits and Access Management. He also assists in transit planning, environmental planning and Geographic Information Services. He is co-chair of the Governor’s Traffic Safety Advisory Commission Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Team (PBSAT).

Mr. Pawlik has a Bachelor Degree in Geography and Urban Studies and a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from Wayne State University. He has been with SEMCOG since 2008.

Learning to sharing the road is essential for creating safe and predictable travel for all roadway users. Education/communications programs like this one can help save lives and create more walkable and bikeable communities.

Carol Reagon

Traffic Safety Division, Michigan Department of State

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Bio coming soon

Cathleen Simlar

Communications Specialist, Department of State

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Bio coming soon

Chad Teachout

Program Coordinator, Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning


OHSP works to save lives and reduce injuries on Michigan roads through leadership, innovation, facilitation, and program support in partnership with other public and private organizations.

OHSP works to be a catalyst for the development and implementation of innovative ideas, while encouraging the adaptation of successful strategies.
We embrace a team-focused working environment and understand that a sound process of problem solving, including problem identification, strategy development, and evaluation, will result in effective outcomes.


Christine Adams

President, Michigan Driver & Traffic Safety Education Association (MDTSEA)


Christine received her Driver Education Certificate through Central Michigan University and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Research Psychology at the University of Michigan, Flint.

Christine has been in the traffic safety industry for over 13 years, and she has owned a successful corporation, UDriveSafe Driving Academy, Inc. for 10 years. She also has been on the MDTSEA Executive Board for over 5 years and is currently the President. During that time, she has participated in various safety awareness programs, and her group won one of the top 10 national finalist spots in the Act Out Loud project (the first group in Michigan ever to advance in the top 10). During this project, her group raised awareness for distracted driving by hosting a Public Service Announcement with our former Secretary of State, Terri Lynn Land. Her company was also selected to create a special educational video with All State. (Please see her web site at to view two videos used by All State.)

Through her commitment and dedication, she has been honored with the following awards: “2012 Award of Excellence” presented by the Sanilac County Sheriff’s Office, “Defensive Driving Course 2012 & 2011 Best Performance Award” presented by the National Safety Council and “2012 District Representative of the Year” presented by MDTSEA.

I am involved in the Share the Road campaing to help Michigan improve safety and save lives.

Curt Webb

Bicycle Advocate, Bike Initiative Keweenaw

curt webb

I am an enthusiastic cyclist with a vested interest in my community. My day job is running our local food co-op. In recent years the bicycle has become my primary mode of transportation. In the interest of sharing the joy of cycling with my community I became a founding member of BIKE!, Bike Initiative Keweenaw, a local volunteer organization working to empower people in the Keweenaw to ride bikes more often through education and community outreach, encouragement, and advocacy/regional development.

I am pleased to represent BIKE! in this statewide effort. As a year-round bicycle commuter on Michigan's roadways I am aware of the work that needs to be done to make biking a regular and safe choice for everyone, not just the brave. I recognize that much more can happen through cooperative effort than alone, so I am looking forward to sharing in this work that supports our local efforts.

David Allyn

Deputy Executive Director of Engineering, Traffic Improvement Association of Michigan

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Retired from the Road Commission for Oakland County as Director of Traffic Safety in 2007. Started working for the Traffic Improvement Association in 2008. TIA provides traffic engineering services to member communities, usually those too small to have a traffic engineer.

David Buick

Account Executive, Adams Outdoor Advertising

david buick

As an Account Executive for Adams Outdoor Advertising, David spends his business hours planning advertising campaigns with local small businesses and Michigan companies.  David is also an active cyclists who both participates and promotes a variety of biking events.  In 2014, David will be promoting the MBRA State Championship Road Race, the Maple Hill Race For Wishes.

I am interested in state-wide public service campaigns, and would like to extend any ideas or advice that I can to advance safety on the roadways.  As an active cyclists and promoter, I am often engaged in conversations about sharing the road.

David Jones

Board Member, League of Michigan Bicyclists, Kalamazoo Bicycle Club

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Bio coming soon

Duane Kooyers

LDK Driver Education & Training LLC

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Bio coming soon

Erica Briggs

President, Washtenaw Biking & Walking Coalition
Board Member, League of Michigan Bicyclists

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Bio coming soon

Jack Peet


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Bio coming soon

James Bruckbauer

Transportation Policy Specialist, Michigan Land Use Institute (Trans4M Partner)


James is a transportation policy specialist for the Michigan Land Use Institute in Traverse City, MI. He advocates for reforms to state and local transportation policy and helps Traverse City area companies develop programs for encouraging their employees to carpool, bus, bike and walk to work.

According to local surveys, many Traverse City area workers would rather bike to work than drive, but they simply feel unsafe biking next to cars. The Share MI Roads campaign will create a safer environment for both drivers and riders.

Jeff Prygoski

Fellow, Trans4M


Jeff works as a Fellow for Transportation for Michigan, promoting statewide transportation policy reform. Much of his work involves non-motorized transportation issues, including writing articles and providing content for the Michigan Complete Streets Coalition website. Jeff received his Master's of Public Affairs from Indiana University in 2013, and currently attends Thomas M. Cooley Law School part-time.

I ride my bike often during the summer, and I would like to be a part of improving relations between drivers and bicyclists. While Complete Streets infrastructure is going a long way to making roads safer for all users, education is a key component in creating better outcomes on our roads.

Jessica Soulliere

Editor and Program Director, Mode Shift: Move Together


Jessica Soulliere is editor and program director for Mode Shift: Move Together, and a communications officer for the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan. Aside from writing and a passion for all things digital, she's an avid organic gardener with aspirations of running her own organic farm some day.

In her spare time, she helps run YA Salsa!, which seeks to develop and promote salsa dancing in southeast Michigan, and sits on the board of Growing Hope, an Ypsilanti-based organization dedicated to helping people improve their lives and communities through gardening and access to healthy food.

Growing up in southeast Michigan, she's always had a love for Detroit and a keen interest in its revitalization, with special attention to public health issues and promoting the physical and mental well being for all.

As a Detroit resident and cyclists, I am increasingly concerned about the lack of comprehensive safety education for drivers and cyclists in the city. As new lanes are laid down, no work is done to education drivers about how to share the road. As the number of cyclists increases and bike lanes go in, it's important to teach drivers and cyclists how to co-exist on the roads safely.

Jim Servia

Retired, Dickinson County Bike Path Committee

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After 12 years as a runner, I began bicycling about 14 years ago and have logged over 65000 miles of road biking. I retired from an electric
utility that was very safety oriented. This training provides me with a heightened awareness of the dangerous acts on Michigan roads, especially when drivers pass bicyclists unsafely.

I would like to see more public awareness for the safety of bicyclists. I would also like to see more enforcement of traffic laws by law enforcement. In Iron Mountain, Kingsford area there is little enforcement in regards to bicycle safety.

Joel Batterman

Trans4M Partner

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Bio coming soon

John Briggs


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Bio coming soon

John Lindenmayer

League of Michigan Bicyclists, Advocacy & Policy Director


John Lindenmayer is the Advocacy and Policy Director for the League of Michigan Bicyclists (LMB), whose mission is to promote bicycling and the safety of bicyclists on the roadways in Michigan. John has been with LMB since 2004.

John works closely with the various state Departments including the Michigan Department of Transportation, Office of Highway Safety Planning, Michigan Department of State, Michigan Department of Community Health, as well as organizational partners and the Michigan Legislature, to help advance bicycle-friendly policies that promote safety and encourage more people to bicycle throughout Michigan for both recreation and transportation purposes.

Josh DeBruyn

Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, Michigan Department of Transportation


Josh functions as the statewide liaison for the Department of Transportation with federal and state agencies, local communities, and non-profits agencies to develop and implement bicycle and pedestrian plans and policies. He also serves on numerous MDOT and State level committee’s and task forces associated with technical guidance, policy, and safety of bicyclists and pedestrians.

He holds a Bachelors of Science from Western Michigan University in Urban and Regional Planning (1998) and has been a certified planner with the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) since 2005.

I am a regular bicycle commuter both to work and for transportation outside of work. I have an interest from both a personal and professional perspective to make Michgian roads safer.

Joshua Duggan

Board Member, Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition

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Bio coming soon

Karen Kafantaris

Associate State Director, AARP


Karen Kafantaris joined AARP in 2001 and holds the position of Associate State Director. Karen's work focuses on Livable Communities where she works to create, manage and engage community partners and AARP members to help individuals 50+ live their most vibrant life, remain in their homes and stay connected to their communities as they age.

Karen has been involved in the Complete Streets movement since 2005. She helped found the MI Complete Streets Coalition and worked on the Complete Streets package of bills that were signed into law in 2010.

All individuals deserve safe and accessible roadways regardless of mode of transportation, age or ability.

Katy Michalski


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Bio coming soon

Kirk Ferris

Michigan Department of State

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Bio coming soon

Laura Padalino

Director of Active Transportation Initiative, Programs to Educate All Cyclists


I am the coordinator of the Active Transportation Initiative at Programs to Educate All Cyclists (PEAC). PEAC believes that everyone can ride, and is dedicated to ensuring that individuals with disabilities receive the education and training they need to safely access their communities by bike, on foot, or via public transit. For many individuals with disabilities who cannot drive, the ability to safely walk or cycle means access to their community, and an autonomous, independent lifestyle.

I'm excited to be a part of an education campaign that will help foster mutual respect and understanding between cyclists and drivers on Michigan roads!

Lauren Holaly-Zembo

Active Living Director, Crim Fitness Foundation


Lauren Holaly-Zembo is the Active Living Director for the Crim Fitness Foundation located in Flint, Michigan. She coordinates the Integrating Transportation Equity Program for the Crim, as well as the Safe and Active Genesee for Everyone (SAGE) collaborative working to create safe opportunities for people to be physically active. She has worked on Complete Streets efforts for the past five years, by educating communities on the value and helping them to pass Complete Streets resolutions.

Lauren has helped advocate for trail development and helped implement over 300 way finding trail signs throughout Genesee County. She served as project director for the Flint Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities initiative that focuses on improving city parks through policy and environmental changes, in which Flint was one of 50 communities funded in this program by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. She serves on multiple collaborative to communicate active living principles to create active environments for people of all abilities throughout Genesee County. She holds a Master of Social Work from the University of Michigan focused on community organizing.

I'm involved in this campaign because I am passionate about creating great communities where people can have transportation options and be active!

Meg Thomas Ackerman

Michigan Fitness Foundation, Director of Safe Routes to School


Meg Thomas Ackerman is the Director of Safe Routes to School (SR2S) working for the Michigan Fitness Foundation, which is MDOT's partner helping to administer the federal Safe Routes to School program. In this capacity Meg and her team, along with several network partners provide outreach, training, and technical assistance to school communities throughout Michigan to help them reduce the number of cars driving to schools while increasing physical activity by developing successful SR2S programs. Prior to her work with the Safe Routes to School program, Meg spent several years in an elementary school, first as an upper elementary teacher followed by several years as a principal. While in that position she recognized the benefits, both academically and behaviorally, of students getting physical activity before, during, and after school by doing something as simple as walking or biking to and from school and on field trips.

Personally, I use my bicycles for both transportation (to and from home, work, and errands) and pleasure, seeking out good trails and on-road bicycle infrastructure wherever possible. Professionally, I would like to see more children learning to view bicycles as a transportation alternative while learning to be safe and responsible bicyclists. As both a motorist and a bicyclist, I would love to see both respecting the rules of the road and sharing the road for better safety for all.

Michael Dettmer

Safety and Education Director, Cherry Capital Cycling Club

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Bio coming soon

Michael Reuter

CEO, American Cycle & Fitness


I am the CEO of American Cycle & Fitness and an avid cyclist. We have 5 stores in Southeastern Michigan and one in Okemos. I touch many parts of the cycling industry from retail, to manufacturing, to advocacy.

My work and my recreation revolves around cycling so finding safe place to ride is always on my mind. It is also the number one thing our customers ask us every day, so I have made it one of my life's missions to help provide safe roads for cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists.

Michael Sheean

Board Member, League of Michigan Bicyclists

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LMB Board & Chair Education Committee
Top of Michigan Trails Council Board
Chair Boyne City Parks and Recreation Commission
Boyne City Trail Town Coordinator
President North Country Bicycle Club


Michelle Snitgen

Michigan Fitness Foundation, Active Communities Coordinator


Michelle Snitgen is currently the Active Communities Coordinator at the Michigan Fitness Foundation where she manages the Promoting Active Communities program, and conducts research, analysis and outreach related to active living community environments and policy. Formerly Michelle was the Assistant Director for Grant Programs at Michigan Nonprofit Association/Michigan Campus Compact where she managed a multitude of grants, several of which focused on youth access to higher education. She provided training and technical assistance, both statewide and nationally, to faculty, staff, students and community partners involved with service-learning, civic engagement and AmeriCorps. Michelle also served as a Higher Education Consultant within the State of Michigan's King-Chavez-Parks Initiative and as a Wish Manager for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Interpersonal and Public Communication from Central Michigan University. In her free time she serves on local nonprofit boards, enjoys spending time with her family and maintains an active lifestyle by swimming, biking, running and competing as a triathlete.

There are too many stories of injury and fatality associated with what should be pleasurable tales of walking and biking. Michiganders should be able to safely travel the roads using all forms of transportation whether for leisure, errands or daily commute. It takes education to create positive change, which makes the Share MI Roads campaign so very important and an effort I am proud to support.

Nancy Krupiarz

Executive Director, Michigan Trails & Greenways Alliance
Trans4M Partner

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Bio coming soon

Nick Jensen

 Dickinson County Bike Path

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Bio coming soon

Paul Selden

Kalamazoo Bicycle Club

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Bio coming soon

Ray Sharp

Manager, Community Planning and Preparedness, Western Upper Peninsula Health Department


Ray Sharp is a local public health planner, a trainer for the Michigan Complete Streets Institute, and an avid cycling commuter.

Ray with cities on policy and infrastructure to support cycling and pedestrian safety, but public awareness, education and common courtesy are other important elements of creating safer roadways for all users.

Rob Herbstreith

Community Service Trooper, Michigan State Police


As Community Service Trooper, I present the Teaching, Educating, And Mentoring (TEAM) Program to K-12 in Berrien, Cass, and Van Buren Counties, with TEAM lesson #3, K-2, covering pedestrian/bicycle safety. I also coordinate bicycle rodeos for the local schools and discuss bicycle laws to local driver's education students.

I am an avid rider, completing the Ride Across Indiana (RAIN) twice and the One Day Ride Across Michigan (ODRAM) 3 times. I express my dedication to bicycle laws and safety through my weekly newspaper articles and public forums

Romona Putnam

Michigan Department of State

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Bio coming soon

Rory Neuner

Board Member, League of Michigan Bicyclists

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Bio coming soon

Sean Murphy

Lawyer & Bicyclist, Law Offices of Jason Waechter

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Bio coming soon

Tina Reynolds

Health & Policy Director, Michigan Environmental Council


As health policy director here at MEC, I am tasked with working on pressing health issues facing Michigan children. Obesity is one of the main stays of my work through the Healthy Kids Healthy Michigan Coalition and the Active Communities Policy Action Team. Safe roadways lead to more active kids and families. Kids will choose to walk and bike to school, to a friends house, to the park, and to various other activities if they can do so safely and efficiently. This objective is why I am excited to learn more and be a part of this campaign.

I wish to enhance education and cooperation between drivers and all modes of transportation. Roadways are resources we all fund and maintain and all ages and walks of life should be able to use them safely.

Tyler MacEachran, MPA

Executive Director, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers

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Bio coming soon

Wendy Briggs


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Bio coming soon





Share MI Roads is a campaign developed by the League of Michigan Bicyclists in collaboration with a diverse network of partners.
Share MI Roads is supported through funding by Transportation For Michigan, individual donors, and sponsors.