Are bicycles popular in the US?

Driving in the US can be a cumbersome way to see a city with traffic congestion and expensive parking. And while walking involves getting to know each other, it’s hard to cover much of the ground on foot, especially when the places you want to visit are far apart.

Traveling around the city on a bike gives you a closer look and you get further in less time. In addition, fantastic cities like Chicago or the Michigan metropolitan areas are becoming even more bike-friendly by adding bike lanes, welcoming bike vendors, and reimagining traffic to better serve cyclists. So start planning your next outdoor activity in the USA, which is best explored by bike.

In the US (in Michigan too), there are even special trains to transport bicycles between cities. Each wagon can carry 40 bicycles that ride on the ground floor. In order to ensure safety when transporting a bicycle in an electric train, the bicycle car is equipped with racks where you need to attach your bicycle while the train is moving.

What are the features of cycling in Michigan?

In Michigan, as well as in the whole US, a cyclist is as much a participant in the movement as a motorist. It has its own scale of penalties. For example, in Michigan children under 12 are not allowed to ride without a helmet (otherwise parents will have to pay a $500 fine). It is also forbidden to drive without front and rear lights at night (fine $100). If you’re lucky with the policeman, you can get off with a verbal warning. In the event of a meeting with an evil servant of the law, everything can end with an overnight stay in a local prison. In any case, next time you will think a thousand times before riding a bike at night without working lights.

Are there bike lanes in Chicago?

The special bike lane around Chicago will allow you to quickly and excitingly get acquainted with several iconic buildings of the city, feel the atmosphere of the city center, as well as see the resurgent and transforming areas. Let’s start from the John Hancock building (875 Michigan), then to the legendary Marina City (300 S State), from there to the famous The Rookery (209 LaSalle), followed by 19 State (Carson Pirie Scott) and 320 State – McCormick Pavilion. After seeing all the buildings, you should head to West Loop, the fastest growing area of ​​​​the city of S Morgan st, after driving there you should head to the Pilsen area, where at 1113 W 18th St you will find the perfect place to grab a bite to eat at Don Pedro Carnitas, famous for its dish – carnitas. Then you can go down S Canal st back to the lake and through the park back to downtown almost to the place where the route began.