Success in learning to ride a bike is guaranteed

The main goal in the beginning is to get a feel for the bike and learn how to balance. The learning process will consist of several stages:
Get behind the bike and, taking it by the saddle, ride a certain distance. So you’ll feel how the bike keeps its balance on its own. Next, sit on the bicycle and apply the brakes. With your feet off the ground, try to balance. Balance in this case is difficult to maintain, but you can catch your first sensations on the bike.
After that, you need to put both feet on the asphalt and rearrange them on the ground, roll yourself a little. A small slope works well for this exercise. This is how you start to feel the bike. You can also try the rear brake in action and turn left and right to get a feel for the controls.

What do you need to know when driving on public roads?

Carefully study the rules of the road, as you are its participant. Obey signs, markings and traffic lights.
And one more thing: until you can confidently move at a speed of 20-30 km / h, we advise you to hone your cycling skills in forest parks or on special bike paths and in no case neglect protection. Otherwise, you risk becoming a hindrance to traffic on public roads or, in the worst case, causing an accident.

Where to find bike lanes in Michigan?

Several ready-made routes for those who are ready to get around Chicago on a bicycle.

North (25.7 km)
One of the most colorful routes in the city. Starting on N Franklin Ave, get to the bike path that runs along the lake and turn left. On the way to the north, you’ll be able to see how the urban landscape is changing and from the logged and majestic downtown you find yourself in a quiet and cozy part of the city. Along the path are numerous fields for football, basketball, tennis, baseball, turnstiles and more.

 South (19.3 km)
If you start all routes in downtown, then there are two main directions: south and north. Starting on N Franklin Ave, you should get to the bike path that runs along the lake and turn right. Approximately 10 km to the right, the cityscape will change, from skyscrapers to tall, featureless houses and stately museums, and on the left, endless Lake Michigan will stretch. After reaching the huge building of the Museum of Science and Technology, turn right and go deeper into the territory of the University of Chicago. The south of the city was once considered the most prestigious and wealthy area, so many incredibly beautiful buildings have been preserved there.