Can e-biking replace training?

Many people consider electric bicycles as a vehicle for lazy people. But scientists decided to check whether this type of transport can replace us riding a regular bike.

For their observation, scientists from the University of Zurich interviewed more than 10,000 people every 2 weeks for a year. Participants recorded their time in minutes per week that they devoted to completing the metabolic equivalent task.
The results showed that electric bike users tend to use them not only for walking but also for commuting and errands.

What are the advantages of e-bicycles?

Electric vehicles are often used as a cost-effective alternative to a private car or public transport. Many tend to buy budget-type models that are convenient to move around the city.
Another important advantage of this technique: the absolute environmental friendliness of transport, enhanced by the functionality and speed of transport on electric traction. If an ordinary bicycle requires significant efforts from the rider, then the e-bike at the right time will allow you to save important resources, overcoming the most difficult sections of the path easily and quickly. At the same time, it does not generate loud noise, does not produce exhaust gasses, does not poison the environment in any other way.

Are e-bikes popular in Michigan?

According to the study, between May 2020 and May 2021, the share of use of such vehicles in the United States more than tripled. At the same time, demand grew both for the purchase of personal bikes and for popular services like BCycle, Lyft and Citi Bike.
An analysis of cycling data in 11 major US cities found that electric bikes accounted for only 11% of trips in May of last year (Michigan 12%) — two-wheelers preferred the classic version of bicycles and only made 240,000 e-bike trips. However, electric bikes accounted for about 38% or 1.4 million trips last month in the same cities. The remaining 62% of trips were made on ordinary non-motorized bicycles. Analysts say the data suggests that e-bikes are rapidly transforming from recreational vehicles into the primary mode of urban transportation.

Where can you ride an e-bike in Michigan?

These vehicles, thanks to their convenience, stability and relatively low cost, may soon fill the niche in Michigan that cars currently occupy.
The electric bicycle is the latest form of cycling that has become popular among Michigan citizens as they become more aware of how to stay fit and save the environment by creating less pollution in Michigan. Since age is an important factor, different models and designs of e-bikes are produced with this in mind and different regulation rules.
In the US, different states have different regulations regarding e-bikes. The government exercises more control over the cube. cm (750-1000 W), which in turn leads to speed control. In Michigan, an electric bicycle is equated with a motorcycle, so its regulation is subject to the same rules.